CWBUSA: Project India

Operation Sock Monkey has teamed up with Clowns Without Borders USA to support their current expedition, Project India. 2 Clowns, 1 Administrator and a whole barrel of monkeys will be sent to India in partnership with Indian NGO’s Salaam Balaak Trust and Mobile Creches. That adds up to a whole lotta fun!

CWBUSA will perform for youth and caregivers in five major centres around India. The intention of this project is to work in areas within India that are crisis zones among populations of children that have been marginalized by society and living in extreme poverty.

The OSM Delegates pictured here were sent off last week  and are travelling across the ocean to new homes in New Dehli at this very moment.  A total of 50 sock monkeys were sent and they should arrive sometime in mid-March.

This delegation represents donations made by operatives of all ages from all over North America. It’s a wonderful month here at OSM and we have the following individuals and organizations to thank for contributing the key ingredient to the equation- sock monkeys!

Irene Skanderis and the Department of Family Studies at Sir William Mulock Secondary School in Newmarket

Husna Priebe-Nizar and the Children’s Studies class at Markville Secondary School in Markham

Littler Family and friends from Jacksonville, Florida

Kate Reeder from Great Falls, Virginia

Angela Li and friends from Toronto, ON

Craftivists from the Junction Neighbourhood who attended the Wise Daughters workshop Jan 21



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