Max’s Monkeys

It’s Max Dobbins’ 3rd birthday this Saturday February 18, and once again, Max’s family is celebrating through a commission of  OSM Delegates to be sent to the  Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.

Max was born with a rare heart condition and the amazing staff at the C.H.O.P. Cardiac Center  saved his life shortly after it began. Each year on his birthday, Max and his family visit the  Cardiac Centre and distribute sock monkeys to children receiving care, helping to spread comfort and some smiles in uncertain times.

Max’s donation this year will support Clowns Without Borders USA and their current expedition,  Project India. The number 3 is very special to clowns- a magical number and hopefully a magical age for Max, whose amazing generosity is helping to  spread love and magic to children facing recovery at C.H.O.P. and marginalized and impoverished children in Delhi,  Jaupur and Tilonia, and Rajasthan. Happy Birthday, Max!

The delegates sent to C.H.O.P. were donated by students from Western Tech School in Toronto. A huge thank you to these craftivists and their facilitator, Tina Morrison for their vital contribution to this initiative.




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