How To Help

There are many ways you can get involved and help OSM.

Donate a Monkey – Send us your sock monkeys and we’ll find them good homes. Monkey delegates are sent to live in communities in distress to help bring smiles to folks who need them.

Adopt a Monkey – Buy an OSM Sock Monkey  and we’ll donate the proceeds to Clowns Without Borders.  We have a variety of sock animals for children of all ages. Visit the sock zoo.

Sponsor a Monkey – buy a sock monkey sponsorship and we’ll send a sock monkey to someone in need of a smile. You will receive a colorful sponsorship card that can be given as a gift.

Buy OSM Treats – Specialty items  like notecards, calendars and D-I-Y kits for making your own sock animals at home!  All proceeds go to CWB, of course.

Donate to OSM – We’d be happy to accept donations for monkey supplies and shipping, but we also recommend donating to Clowns Without Borders directly by clicking here.

Become an OSM Operative– Start up your own Operation to make and sell sock monkeys in your  community to benefit CWB or the charity of your choice.

Thanks for your support!