Operative Profile: New Recruits



All-star Operative Georgia Dietz has been raising funds and awareness for OSM in Ottawa for the past two years, and now she is inspiring her peers to do the same. OSM had two more Operatives come on board this Holiday Season.

Jeff Cane gave the gift of ‘How-to’ to his class mates and other grade 7 students in his school, leading a sock monkey workshop earlier this month. He raised money forĀ  the Sock Monkey Sponsorship program and donated a batch of monkeys to Georgia’s holiday sales campaign. True Craftivism in action!

Chloe Ryan was inspired by a trip to Cambodia a few years back to raise money and awareness for the Tabitha Foundation. She learned how to make sock monkeys at one of Georgia’s workshops last year and crafted up a veritable army of sock creatures to sell at her school’ s Holiday Bazaar. She raised over $1000 for Tabitha’s House building project, a truly incredible achievement! Thanks to Chloe’s efforts and initiative, OSM has created a new partnershiop with Tabitha Foundation and a batch of OSM delegates will be sent to Cambodia early in 2012, to bring comfort and joy to orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Craftivism of these young operativesĀ  and their families is inspiring and truly awesome.

A huge thank you to all OSM Operatives who have dedicated time, energy, materials and love to the project in 2011, it has been a fantastic year and thanks to your contribution, we are sending more smiles across the miles than ever before!


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