OSM & The Trickster Effect

Montreal-based humanitarian organization Exeko has launched a new project called the Trickster Effect, helping to connect youth and elders in native communities in Northern Quebec. Exeko ran 2 residencies  in June of this year and OSM was honoured to be asked to join in the fun! A delegation of 60 sock monkeys was sent to attend the residency, to be used in a storytelling workshop. The sock monkeys that were sent had been crafted by students from school and community groups in Toronto and Ottawa in the Spring of this year.

PXR_trickster_natashquan_remise_recompense (frederic peloquin) (8)PXR_trickster_maliotenam_atelier_jonglerie_fx_michaux_5

From June 7th to 20th, The Trickster Effect was implemented in the Native Innu communities of Natashquan and Maliotenam.  Almost 150 youth participated in juggling, beat-boxing, and games workshops,  along with other activities. The main activity was staging a traditional Innu tale passed on by the elders. The youth proudly presented the tale to their community at the end of the program.

PXR_trickster_natashquan_sockmonkey (frederic peloquin) (2)

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