Camp Sock Monkey- in Haiti

This week OSM is off on a grand adventure…               30 sock monkey delegates have been sent to Leogane, Haiti with Colline Foundation volunteer  Ali McEwan. The sock monkeys will be used in workshops at  a summer arts camp for orphans. This delegation of monkeys represents an exciting new initiative that connects global youth through craft. The sock monkeys that were sent to Haiti were crafted & donated  by middle school students from Ontario & Colorado. 3 cheers for Cross-border craftivism!

Aspen Middle School Craftivists in action!

The sock monkeys will be given to young people who have suffered and continue to suffer in the aftermath of the devastating natural disaster earlier this year. Check back in a few weeks when Ali has returned from her volunteer mission with photos , a full report and  tales of sock monkey mischief!

Big thanks to Vanessa Begin at Industry Images print shop in Toronto for connecting OSM with the Colline foundation and for her ongoing & avid support of OSM.

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