Panda Cub + OSM =Awesome!

Pandacub met OSM at the Holiday trunk show at the workroom a few years back and the crafty  connection was instant.

Creator & curator of this etsy shop and online craft boutique, Stephanie creates adorable accesories and jewelry- from whimsical to absolutely beautiful, her stuff is really great. About a year ago, Stephanie got in touch saying she had made a line of Sock Monkey brooches and she wanted to to give some to me to sell as a fundraiser. I was so thankful and sold some of the brooches at trunk shows and took some to South Africa to give as gifts to the Woza Moya seamstresses ( Star & Domicila)  who helped me so much with the workshops I gave there.

sock monkey brooch

A few weeks ago, Stephanie got in touch again to say that she’d made more of these delightful brooches and had some new ones in the works and would I mind if she sold them from her site and donated %50 of all SM Brooch proceeds to OSM? Wow! Amazing. Sweet. Thoughtful. Crafty. Visit her etsy shop and check out the brooches and all her other great stuff.

Thanks Stephanie!

sock monkey button from pandacub

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