Pencils 4 Kids

OSM is pleased to announce a 2012 collaboration with Pencils For Kids . This charitable organization  partners with communities in Niger, West Africa to create sustainable educational programs, resources and infrastructure. It began as an initiative to provide one group of students with school supplies and has grown into an array of projects under the ‘Pencils’ umbrella. Projects include but are not limited to building schools and libraries, providing textbooks and training to young people in African communities.  OSM will be sending a delegation of sock monkeys to Niger along with a shipment of medical equipment later this year, and collaborating with the P4K Sewing Program for Girls to bring the art of sock monkey to textile artists in training.

Help to support this collaboration and empower youth in Niger through the purchase of a pack of P4K Note Cards. Each pack contains 7 cards featuring drawings created by young artists in Libore, Niger. $10 /pack. Here are some of the featured drawings…

Visit the OSM Treats Page to purchase P4K notecards


Pencils for Kids believes that through education all things become possible. Every child in the world deserves the opportunity to dream, to imagine, to learn and to achieve. Connecting community to community, “pencils” will always be the symbol of communication, literacy and hope.

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