Bon Voyage, Monkeys!

Sock monkey delegates from the 2010 Holiday and 2011 Valentine Sponsorship Campaigns are en route to new homes. 33 sock monkeys were sent to World Harvest Mission in Florida who will distribute to orphans and vulnerable children through one of their New Life Childrens’ Homes. The sponsorship sock monkeys were originally destined for the NLCH in Haiti, but due to the continued epidemic of cholera, WHM can no longer distribute the toys which may help to spread the highly communicable disease. In lieu of monkeys, OSM sent socks for the kids and will donate money raised through the sponsorship campaign to aid WHM in their Haitian mission. Here are just some of the New Life delegates…

Thanks to the OSM operatives of KLASS, Shaw Fest, and individual operatives Auntie Lynn and Georgia Dietz for donating the delegates! Your craftivism is the foundation of the project and will help send smiles across the miles!

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