A Drop in the Ocean

OSM’s newest Operative, Molli O is a student at University Buffalo School of Nursing and travelled with some of her classmates to the island of Chios, in Greece this summer to offer medical service to Syrian refugees encamped there through Doc Mobile, a non-profit org bringing free medical care to refugees stranded there due to the conflict in their homeland.

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She brought along some smiles in the form of sock monkeys created by OSM Toronto Operatives to be distributed to families through Norwegian NGO A Drop in the Ocean , who are working to distribute food, clothing and basic supplies and goods to people living in the temporary settlements indefinitely.


A huge thanks to Doc Mobile, A Drop in the Ocean, and especially Molli and her classmates for their amazing service and humanitarian efforts in Greece  and for helping OSM to send smiles across the miles!


The sock monkeys, created by OSM Operatives in school and community workshops in Toronto  are sure to bring some warmth and joy to so many in need of a hug and a smile in the midst of the chaos.

Molli travelled to Haiti back in the spring when we teamed up with TEAM DRIVE and had so much fun distributing sock monkeys then that she came back for more! Are you or someone you know going on an aide mission to a distressed community anywhere in the world ? Would you like to bring some adventure seeking sock monkeys along? Email OSM to volunteer!





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