Helping Haiti

Operative Carole Burdett from North Vancouver, B.C. has amassed an army of love, stuffing and stitches in sock monkey form to accompany her on a mission to Haiti this month.

Carole has been an OSM Operative since 2012 when she first visited Haiti, along with a team of doctors providing medical care and attention to underserved communities in rural Haiti. She stitched up a monkey bunch of stowaways to give to children visiting the clinic then, and was so inspired by the reaction she recived, she’s launched another campaign. She returns to Haiti this month and has recruited Operatives from 2 cities in B.C. to help stitch up some smiles and send love to those in need.

OSM Helping HAiti Kamloops2

Carole’s friends and acquaintances from North Vancouver and Kamloops B.C. attended workshops this Spring to make sock monkeys to send along on her trip, and for many it was their first experience in monkey making, and for a few it won’t be the last!


The results: an adorable delegation of sock monkeys that are sure to bring luck, love and magic on their journey and will bring joy and comfort to Haitian children in need of a special friend.





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