Madagascar: Lost Monkeys found


Nearly a year ago, 50 sock monkeys were sent to Madagascar with a Canadian volunteersĀ Ben Chapman and Kelly Dunphy working with NGO HELP Madagascar who’s mission is to empower the poor to positive change. Ben & Kelly arrived in Madagascar only to discover their luggage had gone missing, and received little assistance from a customs official more intent on repairing his broken typewriter with a steak knife than helping her locate the bags… and so it was that the monkeys were detained in customs for 10 months! But, the OSM delegates did eventually make it to their intended recipients, and many hugs were had! thanks to Kelly who is also a photojournalist for the beautiful documentation, and to OSM Operative Diana Brugos and the good people of Toronto for creating the delegates and sending love and magic around the world.

HELPMadagascarmonkeys2 HELPMadagascarMonkeys6


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