Space Monkeys, 4 Max!

Our annual delegation of sock monkeys has shipped off to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in honour of Maximillian Dobbin’s 5th birthday. This year’s theme was ‘Space Monkeys on a Mission to Mars’ and yielded some extremely extraterrestrial sock simians, along with some other spacey species such as space pigs, space birds and a Sock Alien or two!


Each year, Maximillian celebrates his special day with a donation of sock critters to C.H.O.P. to commemorate a life-saving operation he received there just after he was born. The money from the purchase of the sock monkeys helps to support the work and missions of Clowns Without Borders USA.

Max’s generosity has already out grown him and the warm fuzzies of his special gift are felt near and far by children and adults in need of a special friend or a smile.

Huge thanks to operatives Katarina Thorsen of Vancouver and Clare Brown of Millarville, AB whose donation of spacey sock critters helped to make this all possible. Our gratitude for your time, talent and contribution is out of this world!


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