Monkey Love for Haiti by Hand

Operatives Angela Roussell of Monkeyville in Massachusetts and Elaine Helen Myhre of Yanez’ Wee Beasties in Minnesota have created an adorable batch of monkey delegates to be distributed in Haiti this month via Haiti By Hand

This November, the Sower family of Tennessee returns to Haiti to spread joy, craft resources, and hope to the people of Haiti.  A mother and daughter team, the Sowers created the Haiti by Hand project in response to the earthquake that devastated the island nation in January of 2010. Since then, they’ve been collecting handmade items and craft materials from across North America to distribute to rebuilding communities. They travel to Haiti a few times a year to share their knowledge of hand craft and distribute craft materials and resources to artisans. When they return home, they bring back the handmade goods made by Haitian craftspeople  to sell in fair trade collectives, helping to establish and  support sustainable business.

OSM is pleased to be a part of the wonderful work of Haiti by Hand.

OSM Delegates donated by Angela Rousell and friends of Monkeyville, Massachusetts.

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