Operative Profile: Elaine Helen Myhre

A prolific creator and purveyor of magnificent sock species through her etsy shop Yanez Wee Lovies, she’s a creative force of nature living in the heart of Minnesota. Having an excess of her adorable creations, Elaine was inspired by the idea of sharing them with children in need. Over the past 7 months, Elaine has contributed a truly amazing number of sock animals  to the project, ( at last count nearly 100!) Her sock creatures  have made their way to children  in India through field partners Concern for Humanity and Salaam Balaak Trust,  and here at home have contributed to OSM fundraising efforts through Wise Daughters Craft Market in Toronto. Most recently, she created a delegation of sock monkeys for our newest collaborator, Haiti by Hand.

Elaine has a very special delegate creation & selection process. Her Assistant Operative and grandson Oliver (7, pictured below) helps to stuff the monkeys  and once they are created, Oliver and his sister  Olivia, (11 mos, pictured above) test each delegate for hug-ability and squish-factor , choosing only the cuddliest, most loveable delegates for each mission. Adorable!

On Nov 3, Elaine’s latest creations, (pictured below), along with a lovely bunch of monkeys created by Angela Roussell & Friends from Monkeyville in Massachusetts will travel to Haiti with Haiti by Hand to be given to children in need.

Thank you, Elaine for your amazing contribution of talent, time and love to Operation Sock Monkey! Your passion , creativity and enthusiasm are an inspiration. You are a master craftivist, a wonderful human being and OSM is truly blessed to have you as an Operative.

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