Die Strumpfaffen !

Strumpfaffen is OSM’s Euro branch, lead by Operative Nadine Koetz from Berlin

Nadine joined OSM in 2009 while living in Toronto, learning the art of sock monkey and crafting up some beautiful delegates for sale and sponsorship. When she moved back to Germany she started Strumpfaffen, a fundraising project inspired by and based on the OSM model. She and the Strumpfaffen team sell sock monkeys and teach public workshops, donating revenue to Indian NGO’s that help to alleviate child poverty, such as Tara for Children e.V.

In 2011 Nadine visited an orphanage in Panjim/Goa and  taught the volunteers and kids how to make sock monkeys. Since then she has been busy sewing sock monkeys to fill online orders, organizing workshops all over the world, including Mexico and Germany, and redesigning the Strumpfaffen site. Congrats Nadine on your wonderful work!

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