Chibini Circus School back in session

OSM is proud to be a sponsor of the Chibini Circus School at Woza Moya for a second year… the program had been temporarily discontinued due to lack of funding. This program helps provide children  in Ufafa valley with an invaluable resource of consistent care and support.   Clowns and circus performers from all over the world give after school workshops in the creative arts. In order to make the program more sustainable going forward, this year CWBSA will train local facilitators to run the workshops.

Here’s a message from CWBSA lead, Jamie Lachman-McLaren:

We are so excited to get the Chibini Circus up and running regularly after school holidays. The children told the team that they really miss it. Our hope is to provide more training to local youth so that they can facilitate the program without us. Will be an important next step in the process! We really appreciate all the support that you and OSM have given us. In many ways, it has made dreams come true and laughter echo in the valleys of Ufafa.’

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