Meet Maxime

OSM is thrilled to introduce Maxime, A performer with Clowns Sans Frontieres about to go on expedtion to South Africa thanks to your generous support. Maxime lives in Montreal and has been working with CSF for several years.  He works as a hospital clown bringing laughter and levity to those suffering from longterm  and incurable illness and recently started a residency program with CSF, working with local reserves to spread cheer & camaraderie to indigenous communities.

Maxime has been doing his homework on Lesotho, studying about the region and it’s culture and will soon be on his way to bring giggles and guffaws to children and adults affected by HIV/AIDS.  Oh, and of course, he will be bringing sock monkeys! He will be the trusted courier and guardian of 33 Sock Monkeys, sponsored by OSM supporters during the Christmas and Valentines Campaigns.

Bon Voyage, Maxime!

To learn more about Maxime check out his blog

Maxime as Ti-Motuer

Maxime as Pedalo

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