P4K Monkey Mission to Niger

OSM partner Pencils for Kids departs for the community of Libore, Niger today on a mission of hope, healing and love. It has been a challenging year for the people of Libore,  having experienced massive flooding in August which displaced thousands of families who lost their homes and crops. P4K was able to rally support for the flood victims in an emergency fund raising campaign in September to provide relief in the form of food, clothing and temporary shelter. This initiative also helped to send thousands of dollars worth of medicine and bed-nets, essential items in the aftermath of a flood.

P4K will be taking along a batch of OSM Delegates on their current mission to help rebuild and recover infrastructure lost to the flood.  Made with love by a variety of Operatives, including  the family & friends of Molly Long in Toronto, and students of  Humberside Collegiate in Toronto, and Bur Oak Secondary School in Markham, 80 + monkeys  will be distributed to children in the Libore region over the next few months.


Delegates for this mission ( pictured above) are currently featured in our Sponsorship Gallery, and sponsorships will help P4K to finance  community development projects such as the Sewing Program for Girls and  Farmers of the Future, aimed at educating and empowering the youth of Libore toward a sustainable future. Please consider supporting this partnership through Sock Monkey sponsorship this holiday season, give the gift of a smile and a brighter future to children in this developing community.

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