Project Sophia at Canuck Place

Project Sophia is an extraordinary initiative facilitated by Vancouver Operative Kat Thorsen, and inspired by a truly extraordinary young woman, Sophia Pomeroy and her wonderful Mom, Beverley Pomeroy.

Sophia is 16 years old and was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness at birth. She’s a regular patient and ray of Sunshine at Canuck Place Childrens Hospice in Vancouver, handing out sock monkeys to other children residing there. Canuck Place is a pediatric palliative care home that children in British Columbia who have a life threatening / life limiting illness can go to for respite, symptom management, and end of life care. Sophia is one of those children….she currently has a palliative designation, and has been part of the hospice for nearly 14 years.


Sophia, in a pile of love & laughter.


Sock Monkeys created by Kat Thorsen & Vancouver operatives for Sophia to distribute.

From Sophia’s Mom, Beverly Pomeroy:

“Sophia just LOVES handing out the sock monkeys!! And she doesn’t hand them out to just the kids in house, she goes around and hands them to any staff and volunteers who are there, as well! It’s such a beautiful day for her! And the joy they bring is wonderful.”

Sophia, your love & light brings joy, hope and inspiration to us all. Sending you peace, love, magic & monkey hugs.

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