OSM returns to Nepal & Delhi

It’s International Women’s Day and OSM is thrilled to announce a continued commitment to sustainable economy and vocational training for women in developing communities. In an ongoing partnership with Canadian humanitarian organization L.I.B International, and Indian NGO Concern For Humanity, OSM is sending Operative Diana Brugos into the field  to continue sock monkey training at the Shanti Sewing Centre in Dehi, India. OSM spent one week at Shanti Camp in 2012, and will return there March 17-21 to continue to train local girls and women to make sock monkeys and other items that can be sold to create extra income for their families. The OSM business model was introduced to women of Woza Moya in Ixtopo, South Africa in 2009, and the program has been so successfully implemented there that several women are now making a significant source of income from the ‘monkey business’. ShantiSew1 ShantiSew2


After India, Diana will travel to Nepa for a few weeks, where she will  to continue spreading the sock monkey love, with plans to visit friends at Samida Womens Development Forum and WELNepal (Women’s Education and Literacy in Nepal) and make some new friends along the way too!


Special thanks to all of our NGO partners, and McGregor Socks for supplying dian’s workshops in the field.


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