Meet Miss Georgia Dietz

OSM Oct 24 09 Wabi Sabi

Georgia has raised a total of $1000 for OSM and created nearly 30 sponsor monkeys to send overseas. Heartfelt thanks to Georgia and her friends, family, and ringette team for amazing & inspiring efforts in support of Operation Sock Monkey!

Georgia heard about Operation Sock Monkey  on  CBC Radio in December 2008. She was an avid crafter and  had already been making sock monkeys for her friends & family. Her parents sponsored a sock monkey for her for Christmas and she was absolutely thrilled. A few months later, Georgia’s mom began writing to me, telling me about her daughters enthusiasm about OSM and desire to get involved. Last fall, Georgia hosted a sock monkey workshop for her friends  to teach the art of sock monkey. The workshop was held at Wabi Sabi , a knit/sew/craft emporium in Ottawa that generously donated the space-twice! She & her ringette team made another batch of sock monkeys to sell  at a Christmas craft sale in her community. Her monkeys were a big hit and all  were sold or sponsored in the first hour, so, she did what any committed craftivist would do- she started taking orders for more!

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